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Congregation of

Sisters of St. Anne, Tiruchirappalli (SAT),

Tamilnadu, India.

"Simplicity in life and Service to the poor"

Our Vision and Mission


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Vibrant Celebration of the Infant Jesus Festival
Vibrant Celebration of the Infant Jesus Festival

“The more you honour me, the more I will bless you.”...

April 4, 2024

St. Anne’s Residence – Azhagappapuram
St. Anne’s Residence – Azhagappapuram

In commemoration of the completion of 75 years of our Azhagappapuram...

March 19, 2024

Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision
St.Annes Vision Logo

The vision of the Congregation is to catch hold of Jesus continuously by following Him and His Words closely, depending on Him in prayer and meditation, trusting in His care and guidance and surrendering completely to His Will and getting transformed as an apostolic instrument in the service of the Church and the Society, in particular the poor oppressed women and the neglected children, for establishing God’s Kingdom on earth.



Our Mission
St.Annes Vision LogoThe apostolic mission of the Congregation is to endeavour assiduously for fostering Christian values and attitudes in society through various ministry for the emancipation and empowerment of the poor, the weak, the marginalized, the destitute, the oppressed women and the neglected children in society by actively participating in the evangelization work of the Church, providing medical service and health care to the rural poor, undertaking social and welfare programmes for the socially disadvantaged sections, imparting value based holistic education to students and serving the intellectually challenged and differently abled children.